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Moroccan Natural Gold – Organic Rose Water


Rose Water is the pillar of most traditional skin care routines, it is a mood enhancer, a great skin tonic, it has also been used to brighten the skin and help alleviate blemishes.

Alpha 3 is the exclusive Marine Mineral Source that we have obtained in the UK.

A product of the pristine waters of the Northeast Pacific ocean, sourced from wild plankton harvested to produce this amazing Marine Phytoplankton full of rare sea minerals, amino acids and more which restores and energises cell structure.

  • Rosewater helps maintain your skin’s pH balance and has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties which assist in the strengthening of skin cells and regenerating skin tissues. Helping to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay
  • Hydrates, revitalises, tones, smooths and moisturizes the skin
  • Rose Water helps fight skin blemishes including acne, dermatitis and eczema
  • Tones and cools the skin
  • Also has a time honoured tradition of being mixed into face masks to soften wrinkles.

A favourite of Cleopatra !

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