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Tattoos have come in and out of style for decades, and surprisingly even before that. Did you know tattoos were once for English Aristocrats in the 1800’s? Those living lives of luxury, far and wild, from the Duke of Newcastle, to the Earl of Port Arlington, Sir Edmund Lechmere and even the Grand Duke Alexis of Russia at the time were all inked. Like many trends, they seem to begin with the upper class and work their way down. Tattoos became no exception, however, came to a standstill amongst the working class. They became a symbol and a trait of the working class, with tattoo sleeves or an Anchor like Popeye, they were favoured among worker. However, nowadays tattoos have become a trend everywhere with statistics such as 1 in 5 Britons being inked, and even more shockingly, 1 in every 3 young adults! From Cheryl Cole to David Beckham, Rihanna, Chris Brown and even Angelina Jolie, it is clear to see tattoos might be here to stay for good.


Now, this may be our fear of needles talking, but what is it about tattoos that everybody adores? It starts with one and the next time you see your inked friend, they have 3, 5 or 10 more. It seems that one just simply isn’t enough. Yet we still cannot seem to wrap our head around it. We spend time day in and day out making sure our skin looks and feels amazing from head to toe, for the perfect clean canvas we all want – don’t tattoo's simply ruin all our hard efforts immediately? We shave our legs only to show a questionable tattoo we thought was a good idea in our teenage years?


It isn’t only us that finds them slightly debatable, as tattoo removal has also been on the rise in recent years. Many of us are willing to risk getting a tattoo as we know it isn’t really permanent anymore. However, tattoo removal isn’t cheap, and once you have a tattoo, it is almost guaranteed your skin will never look the same soon after. Tattoo removal involves lasers burning into the skin and getting rid of the black ink embedded into the skin tissue, yet burn marks will always leave a scarring reminder of a not-so-wise decision you once made.


This most definitely is not an attack on any who love tattoos. We simply want to understand! Tell us what it is about tattoos that fascinates you in the comments below, and who knows, maybe we will be the ones convinced into visiting our local tattoo artist next…




On another note, now this may steer away from our usual niche, but we were all young once and experienced the horror of how menstrual cramps can really get. It seems the prayers of our younger years have finally been answered. For all the women who know all too well how many painkillers it takes to soothe cramps on each particular day of your period, you can now stop drugging yourself into a state of numbness thanks to ‘Livia’. It is the drug-free solution to menstrual pains that works by stimulating the nerves between the uterus and the brain and stopping the pain signals from being transmitted. Watch the video below to find out more about the product (it’s also hilarious). 




             1.                                        2.                                         3. 


It’s as easy a 1-2-3. Simply clip it on, turn it on and get going! The device has been featured in Glamour, Mail Online, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and many more. For more information about Livia, visit their website at https://mylivia.com/


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