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Alya Kubati


Our desire to paint the face goes as far back in history as we do. From cavemen wearing mud to blend into their surroundings, to Vikings and warriors wearing their face paint as markings to demonstrate their taking part in the war. We love to recreate ourselves to elevate confidence, show support or even as a form of survival. The modern-day woman wears her makeup as a form of self-expression and identity; not only as a form of covering up minor flaws. Beauty artists around the world have taken to makeup like an artist with a canvas masking a multitude of different opportunities.


This week, we managed to get ourselves caught up in a wonderful book by Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge. She takes us through makeup and its uses through the ages. It’s a must-read, but if you are not yet entirely convinced then you most certainly will be after seeing this.


It’s unanimous – we love makeup. We simply cannot be without it, no matter what day or time in the past you look back upon. For this week, and next, we will be walking you through makeup through the ages, and showing you some of our most favourite makeup queens of the past.






Every bit as powerful as her male Viking counterparts, Queen Boudicca of the British Celtic Iceni tribe led an uprising against the Roman Empire in AD 60. Dubbed a British folk hero, she is also a hero to many women due to her courage and legacy – and even she loved painting her face as we do! Not in typically the same way, however. Boudicca would paint wonderful patterns across her face to reflect her fighting spirit as she led the troops to battle the Romans. Halloweens just around the corner, and we think we’ll be wearing the wonderful Boudicca style patterns on our faces too…



No makeup heroines list is complete without Cleopatra. Cleo took makeup much further than simple black thick lines, and became a symbol of Egyptian style cat eyeliner and even brought into fashion eyeshadow! She would switch between green malachite paste on her lower eyelids, and a deep blue eyes shadow on her upper eyelids with gold coloured pyrite flecks. The Egyptian queen also wore red lipstick made from red ochre and nail polish made from Henna.


Queen Cleopatra also swore by micronised Pearl powder to help create a soft glow and make her skin feel soft and smooth throughout her makeup routine. We love Pearl Powder for the very same reason. Rich in calcium content and 36 trace minerals, Pearl Powder is the skin saviour Cleopatra knew about before it became widely popular.




The only female emperor of China in history, Empress Wu has been widely known since her reign as she fought against her allies with an unmatched ruthlessness that leads to a sound government and no rebellions. Alongside her reign, she was also known for her charm and allure as she was seen as very attractive. Sadly, many pictures of the late queen have been stripped from the history books as the demonization of the queen quickly took effect after her reign.  


However, it was known she was a stunning queen, with an adoring pale complexion, bold red lips and pearl powder for a soft glow. Although in eastern Asia, Pearl Powder is taken internally, its effects are visible from the outside. Due to its abundant list of trace minerals, it leaves skin feeling softer and radiating from all the good that is found in Pearl Powder (found out more about Pearl Powder here).


We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog! Who are your favourite makeup queens of the ages? Get in touch by commenting below, or message us via our Twitter page @MoroccanNatural, follow us on Instagram @Moroccan_Natural or find us on Facebook @ Moroccan Natural.

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