MN'S Tips for a Great New Year

2017 has arrived, and we can’t wait to see what the New Year has in store! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and welcomed the New Year with a bang. To get the New Year started on the right foot, we’ve created our list of tips to help you make the most of 2017, to be the best version of yourself.


  1. Express yourself

We all spend far too much time bottling it in rather than letting it all out, and only noticing its dangers when it all comes out after one too many drinks…This year, why not release all your troubles and worries by embracing your creative side. Whether you feel more comfortable writing lines upon lines of poetic justice, or the thrill of fresh paint gliding along a blank canvas, do it. Do it over and over and remember how incredible it feels to let it all out, with no one to judge or ridicule your work as it’s entirely for you. Once you start, we promise you won’t stop…


  1. Be grateful

Children really are a wonder, and it’s their fascination and appreciation for anything and everything that allows them to be little bundles of joy. Growing up shouldn’t mean we neglect to appreciate the small things. If you’ve read our Law of Attraction post (if not, read here), you should know that gratitude attracts abundance. You want more money, health and love? Express gratitude for all those things right now, however your circumstances may seem. Trust us, it works.


  1. Book holiday’s

Holiday’s aren’t just for fun and excitement; they’re a chance to get away and to rid yourself of your everyday worries, even if only just for a few days. Plan your holidays in advance this year and give yourself exciting plans to look forward to instantly.


  1. Write down goals

Once again, this goes hand-in-hand with our Law of Attraction teachings. We all have dreams and hopes for the New Year, but there is a secret power in writing your goals with an actual pen on to actual paper. Yes, we know our phones can do everything for us, but why not give it a try. Write down all your goals for the upcoming year, big or small, and watch them come into affect. This works brilliantly with the Law of Attraction. Find out more here.


  1. Get artsy

Most galleries are free to explore, so why not grab a friend and go wonder around the Tate Gallery or The National Gallery? There is much to be learnt from those before us. Get cultured and explore the times of those before us, and how they dealt with their emotions, circumstances and spread their beliefs and ideologies.


  1. Explore nearby cities

Exploration leads to growth. Growth is the most wonderful aspect of life. Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and exploring nearby cities every once in a while will do you more good than staying at home. Not only do you meet different types of people, but you give yourself a chance to experience new things, and often. It’s a wonderful feeling. Book a weekend away soon and do more than Netflix the day away.


  1. Dress your best, always.

We know this doesn’t seem like much of a task, but it can be when you are not feeling your best and you’ve been having a rough time lately. We urge you to try to always make the effort, not for anyone else, but for you. You deserve to feel like a million dollars, even if your circumstances are anything but. Not only does it make you feel better, but it makes your day better when you are comfortable in how you look and feel, even when your whole world is falling apart. It seems very silly, but it helps – a ton.


  1. Expand your music bubble

Many of us listen to the same style of music, from the same artists, for decades. You can blame it on the lack of good music in today’s charts, but that’s really no excuse, is it? Plan a day out to Portobello market, Camden or Soho and rummage around a few Record stores. Explore different tastes and you may find that there had been songs you didn’t even know you needed until now.


We hope the New Year is nothing short of spectacular for you. Keep your head high and your finish line clear. This year will be your best one yet. Good luck!


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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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