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Alya Kubati Beauty Green Guide Products Sensitive Skin Skincare Tips


Sensitive skin may be one of the most difficult skin types to cater for. The sensitive barometer ranges from the extremely sensitive that cannot withstand any chemical products, perfumes or harsh abrasives to the mildly sensitive that can withstand some products on the market to a degree. Whichever end of the scale your sensitivity falls under, we have the best products carefully selected to help you get the best in skincare – with none of the naughty chemicals.e will take you through the signs of sensitive skin to help you identify your skin type, as well as cater to your needs through a detailed list of all our best products carefully selected for you. Read on, bookmark this guide for future use, send it to your best friends - and even those you are not so close with - because let’s face it, we all need a helping hand sometimes. We’ll be the first to admit it…





Sensitive skin brings about a few common side effects when coming into contact with certain chemicals and abrasives. These side effects can include, but are not limited to:


  • Irritated Skin (particularly after trying new products)
  • Reactive to everyday products i.e. fragrances, soaps, detergents and perfumes.
  • Stinging/burning sensation
  • Itchy/red skin
  • Prone to breakouts
  • Flaky skin that often leads to peeling


The side effects are endless and it almost puts you off of trying any new products at all. At Moroccan Natural, we believe in skincare for everyone. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Read on to find out how we can help you get the best from your skin, with ease.





For sensitive skin, nothing sounds better than “chemical-free”. Ahh. Music to our ears. If you find that make-up products make your pores feel cakeier than a bakery and feel the effects long after wear, we have the perfect product to help soothe and nurse your skin back to perfection after the party’s over.

Our 100% Chemical Free Make-up remover provides the perfect chemical free cleansing experience. A unique mix of invigorating Aloe Vera Juice and Organic Jojoba Oil helps rid the skin of all the harmful products that have invaded the epidermis of your beautiful face and leaves it feeling soft and cleansed in no time. No chemicals. No perfumes. No fuss.

Directions: Using the funnel provided, mix the contents of the Jojoba Oil to the Aloe Vera juice and shake vigorously before applying to the skin with a cotton bud. This gentle mix can even remove heavy eye makeup! Shake well before every use. For best results, mist cleansed with our Organic Bulgarian Rose Water as a gentle toner.

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Pearl Powder is one of the best products on the market to help soothe sensitive skin, with the gentlest touch. It minimises fine lines and replaces the collagen of the skin. It has been known to be Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt’s beauty secret along with Empress Wu of China. The Pearl Powder encompasses 36 different trace minerals and is full of Vitamin C, restoring skin vitality with regular use and helping you achieve the magical glow you’ve been searching for.

Directions: Mix a pearl-sized spatula of Pearl Powder with a spoon of whisked egg whites and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Mix together and apply over freshly washed skin, allowing to set for 5 minutes and then rinsing with warm water. Follow with a moisturising face cream, or oil and voila. Your face will feel instantly softer, smoother and radiant.


For best results, carry out use once a week for at least 3 weeks, although results are almost always seen instantly!

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Finding a skin product that can help slow down the ageing process whilst still being incredibly gentle on the skin is no easy feat. Till now. Our Argan Glow is a blend of two miracle oils that help soothe even the most troublesome skin problems such as  Acne, Psoriasis and even  Eczema. Sea Buckthorn Oil and Argan Oil are blended to create the wonderful product to help rescue skin and give you the glow you’ve been searching for.

Directions: This miracle product is designed to be used as a daily moisturiser, applied morning and night to freshly cleansed skin. For best results, we recommend applying it after our Rhassoul Clay mask for an extra treat – your skin will feel cleansed, smooth and will noticeably shine.


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Our Rhassoul Clay may just be the purest of its kind. Sourced from the Atlas Mountains, it is rich in silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium that allows it to benefit the skin in a list of different ways. Due to its contents, it can help reduce dryness, flakiness, oil on the surface of the skin, blackheads/whiteheads and even dead skin laying on the surface. It’s a wonder product for facial care, and its effects can be felt within minutes of application.

As it is a heavy-duty product, we recommend a small skin patch test 24 hours prior to applying the face mask. As everybody is different, it is always wise to test products especially if you have sensitive ski.

Directions: To use as a face mask, mix one part Rhassoul Clay powder with 1.5 parts water till it reaches the same consistency as the image above. Cleanse the face with warm water and begin applying the mask all over the face area. Once you begin to feel a magnetic pull, rinse off with warm water as this means the clay is doing it’s job and extracting all the bad stuff! Pat dry with warm water and soothe the skin with our Rose Water as a gentle toner.


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Argan Rose Serum is the thicker counterpart of our modest Argan Oil, made up of a blend of luxurious oils that are designed to offer the benefits of Argan Oil with the renowned properties of Rose Geranium. Although it has much to offer, it is still mild on the skin and helps retain moisture and vitality to the surface.

Its use is intended to deliver heavy moisture for especially dry skin in need of a deep oil to penetrate said dryness. It can battle damage as a result of environmental pollution, sun damage, wind and toxins, as well as also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – with a gentle touch.


Directions: Apply twice a day to cleansed face, gently massaging into the skin in delicate circular movements.  


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African Liquid Black Soap is renowned for its abilities to help cleanse skin and in most cases, lessen the appearance of skin problems such as acne and soothe sensitive skin due to its delicate yet cleansing properties. It’s completely chemical free, and rich in Vitamin A, E and Iron making it quite the wonder product.

It’s a versatile product that can be used as an all-over body wash, shampoo (not recommended for chemically treated hair!), and also removes makeup! Many of our customers are beloved fans of this product, and after your first use, we are sure you will love it too…

Directions: To use as a gentle face wash/makeup remover, gently rinse face with warm water till it is moist. Work a small amount of African Liquid Black Soap into a lather and gently apply to face. Spread the product all over the face then gently wash with warm water and pat dry with a soft cotton towel. For best results, use our gentle Argan Oil as a moisturiser, or our lovely Rose Water as a light toner.


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  • As an added skin rejuvenator, we recommend using our Rose Water, as part of our Gold Collection. Simple and elegant in its makings, it is the wonder product for troubled skin due its endless list of uses. It has the ability to brighten the skin, alleviate blemishes and act as an overall mood enhancer. Beauty and happiness – what more could we ask for in our beloved beauty products? Find out more about our Rose Water here.




We hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog, and refer to this guide in future for all the advice you need to help you through the roller coaster of our daily skin wants and needs. Feel free to pass this guide onto those who may benefit from it as we all need a little help and advice at times!


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